Solar Secret Shane McMinn


Published: March 11th 2014

Kindle Edition

190 pages


Solar Secret  by  Shane McMinn

Solar Secret by Shane McMinn
March 11th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 190 pages | ISBN: | 4.51 Mb

Science and Spirituality have been opposing forces for some time now. It has not always been this way. Both important fields in their own right, which influence our lives, are starting to realign again. In this book we look at what we scientifically know about our solar system and the planets within it.This book is part scientific and part psychically channelled.

In it we are also introduced to the Solar council, who are a group of entities/representatives from each of the planets within the solar system that make up the council.The Solar council enlighten us as to the nature of our planetary system and the reason for existence of each individual planet within the solar family. They introduce us to life upon each planet and some of the moons at varying dimensional levels.This introductory book, that will lead to further books from the Solar council, sheds light on the premise that our whole solar system is a school of learning, something that has been known of by previous civilisations inhabiting planet earth in the past, but the information has been lost and on occasion, hidden from the masses of people living and experiencing here.This book also provides evidence as to how the fields of science and spirituality are aligning.

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